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Quincy Raby (she/her) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto.

Her body of work encompasses a variety of mediums including acrylic painting, collage, sculpture, photography, and soft goods.  

In addition to her art practice, Quincy is the Orchard Lyceum Artist in Residence and co-programs workshops and events at the gallery.  She is also an occasional art instructor at various schools around the city. 

For the last 20+ years, she has worked in the production and broadcast industries in a variety of roles including marketing, distribution, creative direction, and operations.  She launched Quincy Raby Visual Arts in 2018. 


A keen people watcher, observations of character, pop culture, and social commentary are common themes in her work.


For more information visit Lyceum Gallery or sign up for the newsletter.  

Photo credit: Marina Dempster


FOLLOW:  IG/Spotify  @quincyraby_art

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