Quincy Raby is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Toronto.

Working primarily with acrylics in a hard-edge painting style, her body of work encompasses a variety of mediums including collage, sculpture, photography and soft goods.  Slick Canadian landscapes and surreal dreamy imagery of  bright lips, dusky skies, thunder and rainbows are communicated using clean lines and bright colours.

Quincy grew up tagging along on her mother’s assignments as a commercial photographer and art director.   Raised on a steady diet of unlimited magic markers, 70s and 80s pop culture, and unfettered access to mass media, her images are bright, upbeat and mildly subversive.

Quincy just launched her first DIY pop-art latch hook kit in an effort to encourage others to experience the joy and satisfaction of tactile crafts.    

In October of 2020, Quincy had her first solo show at Lyceum Gallery in Toronto.  She recently collaborated with Toronto potter Eleanor Stainsby of Stainsby Studios on Stainsby & Raby, a functional pottery collection inspired by her art, and was featured on Stereo Coffee Roasters Mix Tape coffee blend as their first artist collaboration. 

Purchase and exhibition inquiries, contact:  q@quincyraby.com

Photo credit: Marina Dempster Photography