This is a CANVAS-ONLY kit.  


Out wildly popular SOFT SCREAM latch hook kit is now available as a DIY yarn kit.  This kit comes with everything you need to get started cutting your own yarn for latch hook projects.  


This kit comes with:

1 x shaped and edged latch hook canvas with 30" Soft Scream pattern

1 x latch hook tool

1 x cardboard cutting guide to get you started

Pattern guide

Pattern guide and cutting instructions, including how to make your own cutting guides. 


Pre-packaged latch-hook yarn is expensive, limited in variety, and high-waste.  Go nuts with bunch of leftover cheap acrylic yarn, or make something truly unique with high-quality wools.


Lovingly hand-drawn and assembled in Toronto.  


Canadian orders always ship free!  


*Kit is single canvas soft scream only - finished projects and other canvases are shown for display purposes only. 

Soft Scream DIY Yarn Latch Hook Canvas