50 hr. Lip Candle

50 hr. Lip Candle


Set the mood with our all natural, hand-made lips candle.  Made exclusively for QuincyRaby.com by Doozy Candle


A luxurious, long-burning candle with pop art flair - featuring hand-cut pop art lips on one side, in a Nag Champa or Bergamot Lavender scent.  Burns 50 hrs. with proper care and the wax shell can outlive the original wick and used as a votive holder or can be refilled and rewicked at the Doozy studios.


Doozy Candles are hand-made in Chelsea, Quebec.  Made using only food grade paraffin wax, paraben-free fragrance, dyes and wicks.  


HAND MADE.  Each candle will differ and have slight variations.  Approx. 3.25" high by 3.75" wide.  


**Listing is for a single candle, other candles shown are for display only.  


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